Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just For Me

This is the binder for the Photography Class I started on Monday. I was like a little kid checking the mail every day waiting for it to come! I remember the day it came... I also acted like a little kid. The kids wanted to open it and I would not let them. Maybe I need some lessons on sharing.Do you ever just long for something just for yourself? And I am not just talking about the chocolate we hide from our children and sneak occasionally or maybe frequently. hehee! How fun to open the box and find such an adorable presentation. Oh ,it is fun to be a girl! I have never enjoyed getting the mail so much in all my life. This was not the end of my excitement. I knew that soon would also come another and even greater blessing in the mail. A very sweet friend had offered to let me borrow her Canon EOS 20d digital SLR camera. This lady I admire as a Mama and a photographer so I cannot put into words what this means to me or how inspired I feel! This camera will be my baby for the next 9-10 weeks!
I wonder if anyone is sick of me taking their picture yet. LOL It is my new favorite neclace. This will be a new opportunity to not care what people think because I plan to enjoy this precious gift to the fullest. Yea Baby!! I had so much fun shooting all the little ones with this camera the other night at our church leagues baseball game. What was the score? Who won? LOL Don't tell my husband!!!
Jonah was being so silly as he tried on his cousin Savannahs shades!
Here is litte Savannh Grace. I just want to squeeze her every time I see her. I so wish those shadows were not on her face. I cannot wait until I can confidently get off of the auto setting.
This is Tara. She is Jonahs special friend. They are so adorable together! She is so stinkin cute!! Today I was looking at my teachers blog. She has a little girl named Annie who is adorable. Jonah asked " Who is that ?" as I looked at a picture of Annie in a polka dotted bikini and rain boots. I said, "That is your wife." He said, " No she is not. Tara is my wife!!" I laughed so hard.Sorry!! I forgot for a moment that we already arranged their marriage.Tara will make a fine wife!! LOL
I LOVE this shot of Elias! He and Jonah were playing and Jonah did something to make him laugh!
I was so excited when I saw this moment of opportunity. What a precious sight. But due to a busy little girl, I was only able to shoot this once. Do you think my friend will mind if I ask her if we can reinvent this shot?? haha
These two ladies enjoyed each others company. the little lady was having fun listening to the music on Chelsea's cell phone and dancin' away! Again the lighting isn't the greatest at all but I had fun!!!

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Anonymous said...

Jen! Love the pictures. And Tara says that Jonah is her husband, so we're gonna have the cutest grandkids ever. Well, in 30 years or so. : )

Be brave with the manual setting. Just practice. You have a digital camera... and delete! In college, I had actual film to buy (and waste!) Isn't the term "select focus" or something like that?

Remember your ultimate goal and you'll have the courage.

Love you!