Friday, April 24, 2009

Jonahs First T-ball Practice

Jonah out in the outfield being silly and making the
others laugh!! Next picture is Jonahs first swing at the ball. I am leaving my pics where they are I have spent too much time trying to figure this out!!! LOL My pics w/ my new camera are not the greatest yet.But I am working on it and having fun as I do.

Last night was Jonahs very first T-ball practice. From the time we got into the van and then back in the van to head home, I don't think I stopped laughing. Oh wait, it started as we were leaving the house. He wanted to take a butterfly he made at Skipper Club to practice. Guy David was not thrilled w/ that idea. HaHa! Then Jonah showed him how he would make it fly around the bases and Guy david decided he could take it and leave it in the van. When we got in the van, he let me know that when he looked in the mirror ( rear view ) and saw me ,he thought I was a Grandpa. Olivia being the sweet and caring girl she is , let Jonah know that that was not a nice thing to say. I on the other hand burst out laughing. I guess it's time for a dye job. LOL I am not one to jump on that right away. Hey, I earned these babies!Well, at least it wasn't because I had wiskers on my chin. Praise God for tweezers!!

When we got to the park , Jonah jumped out and said "I just want to play on the swings and the Tater Tot ( Teeter Totter) lol." It took me awhile but I got him over to the field. What a difference from Keiths first practice to Jonahs. Keith was all about the sport and still is. He would run for the ball and dive for it no matter where it was and where he was suppose to be on the field. He slid into every base. As I am thinking about it , I remember laughing a whole lot at him as well.My favorite memory so far of Keith playing ball is the time he was up to bat and he turned around, found me in the crowd and waved to me and yelled ," I Love You , Mom." I wonder if he will do that this year. HA!! If only they could stay little!!! :) Oh and I have to share another favorite memory of Keith playing ball.... He told me that his favorite position to play was first base because he got to meet new friends. Awwww!!

So, Keith slid into every base and Jonah danced to each one. Don't get me wrong, Jonah is all boy. He just likes to perform!! I don't think he stopped talking the whole time he was on the field and Olivia, Keith and I did not stop laughing. The coach laughed quite a bit as well. I think he is going to have his hands full!! He did ask at the end if any parents would be willing tohelp.LOL

.This is when he decided to dance and sing to the T-Ball Musical w/ his best opera voice. I have no idea where he gets that from!!!

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