Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pure Freedom

Pure freedom is an organization founded by Bob and Dannah Gresh.I first heard about Pure Freedom when I took my daughter to a Secret Keeper Event. This evening out focused on letting my daughter know that she is a true masterpiece created by Gods hand. We live in a time when society wants our daughters to grow up so fast. Go shopping for clothes for your princess and you will know what I am talking about. Secret Keeper Girl has taught my daughter how she can dress modestly but yet in a stylin way!One of the things I remember most is watching a video of what it all takes to prepare someone for a photo shoot right up to the digital touch ups. Unbelievable!!! Our girls are growing up thinking they have to look like these models on these covers which is leading to more and more girls who are depressed & have eating disorders and the list could go on and on! It breaks my heart! Our girls are believing these lies society is telling them. They do not like themselves and therefore lack the self respect and the knowledge of who they are in Christ, A princess, a daughter of the king, created in the image of Christ. Pure Freedoms mission is to equip men and women of all ages to live a vibrant life of purity and so much more. Find out more by going to
You will meet the Bod Squad if you ever go to a Secret Keeper Girl Event or you can meet them online at The Bod Squad have a petition that was featured in USA today yesterday ,March 9. If you want to say no to sexy clothes for our girls and say yes to retailers who provide age - appropriate adorable fashion go to Secret keeper Girl and sign the petition. While you are there, Meet Dannah and check out her blog. She has a March Madness awesome giveaway. She is generously giving us an opportunity to win $135 worth of free product. Thank you so much Dannah for this wonderful chance. I am blessed by every book I have read of yours and Olivia and I both love the fiction series. We also enjoy spending time at
The Lord blessed me w/ a wonderful weekend retreat 2 yrs ago put on by Pure Freedom called Five Little Questions based on a book written by Dannah. I had the priveledge of meeting Dannah and some of the staff at Pure Freedom. I was blessed by every single one and came back changed. God used the weekend and theses wonderful people in a powerful way in my life.They have a genuine ,real,intimate and contagious love for Jesus. I highly reccomend checking them out!!

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