Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sawyer Elizabeth???????????

Our Dog, Sawyer has to have a middle name.I come from a middle name kind of family. I think Elizabeth goes great w/ Sawyer. When I really need to get his attention, Sawyer Elizabeth just comes out. I am surprised that it is not Sawyer Marie. LOL Every one of my Aunts pets have the middle name Marie. I know, as my kids yell at me every time.... " Elizabeth is a girls name." they get so mad. But so far , I have not come up w/ anything that sounds better. What can I say , I am used to having girl dogs w/ fun names like Maggie and Frannie. :) Oh I miss my girls!! Anyway, if you have any ideas for a middle name for Sawyer, my family would greatly appreciate it!!

I also have great news!!!! Thursday night, Sawyer started going to the door and whining when he has to go potty. I was so excited and had a glimmer of hope.I almost made him pee right there w/ all of my cheering( you all know how I love to cheer:) ) and praising. It had been a long day of Sawyer (Elizabeth) getting into the garbage and shredding paper towels everywhere and eating coffee grounds,grabbing socks out of the basket, tearing apart a pillow and eating a very special ornament that Grandma made. Speaking of that , Can you believe I cannot put ornaments low on the tree and it is not because there is a baby in the house?!?!?! Well, it was a very long day.At the end , I realized how much I love this puppy and want him to succeed. I hope to post some pics of little Sawyer later today!

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