Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Photography Love

Any time I can have the opportunity to view Photographers work, I am all over it. All I really want to do most days is work on my photography class, seek out photographers blogs and websites and dream, or my fav, running around playing w/ my camera. In the Fall, it hits me the hardest. I just love Fall. When I think of Fall,I think God must have made this season just for me. That it is my own very special gift. LOL and a smile :0) But, the hard part is that there are so many other things needing my attention in the Fall. Every livin' activity starts up in the Fall,canning happens in the Fall,Pie Sale happens in the Fall, kids birthdays happen in the Fall and did I mention School????? Well, here are a couple of shots i got when I was able to find time to "Stop and Crunch the Leaves."

 There will be more to come. Of course , I have some of the boys but I haven't uploaded them yet.I had to get Livy's here on the computer so she would have a pic for her Facebook. I can't believe she is officially now a teenager. Keith just turned 11 yesterday. I am amazed of how truly fast the years are flying by. **SIGH**

And talk about being all over viewing other photographers work. here  is one of the places I could hang out at today.Yep, I could hang out w/ Luke VanDyke all day.  Talk about daydreaming. Check out the Underwater Trash the Dress Session. AWESOME!!!! But ,I gotta go. We got some learnin' to do!!!

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Anonymous said...

And what a beautiful teenage girl she is. Inside and Out.